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'DAME DOLLY DOES...' is an interactive family show that is very easy to set up, as it's a pop up performance. The setup works best if the children are sitting on the floor and their grown ups sit to the side or with their kids, as they're of course encouraged to join in too! As there is a lot of interaction between Dame Dolly and the audience, there's even an arts and craft element (this is done with felt tips, paper and some envelopes as we don't want to make too much of a mess e.g. paint on clothes/the floor/the walls! Etc). 



Dame Dolly is ready for her production of Jack and the Beanstalk, there's only one problem, none of her cast have shown up! Will the boys and girls (and of course the grown ups too) help Dame Dolly out?

If you're interested in 'DAME DOLLY DOES...' at your venue, please feel free to contact us.

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Returning in 2024

for Halloween!


will return for 2024!

Joe is let loose with his own show and for once he's not in the frock! ‘The Joe Show’ is a family friendly comedy variety show, that's complete mayhem! There’s plenty of audience participation, singing, games, dancing, and perhaps a bag of crisps from the crisp bucket if you're lucky! So join Joe and watch him strut his stuff and entertain you with a cabaret of craziness!

 See You in a Minny Monny Mo!

After a great run this past Halloween in four separate theatres and even a SOLD OUT show at the Ropetackle Arts Centre! Dame Dolly will return with her Spooktacular Show on tour for the October Half Term in 2024! With plenty of audience participation and loads of spooky fun, this Spooktacular show is for all of the family! And don’t forget there’s a prize for the best Halloween fancy dress costume! So come along for a Halloween treat this October half term!

Dame Dolly Returns to the Holiday Parks in 2024

Touring holiday parks next year 'Dame Dolly's One Person Panto!' this new updated version of Page to Panto's popular one man Pantomime Dame show tours the holiday parks once again!

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Dare you take a wonder through the woods? Will you survive the witch trail? Or perhaps you'll meet our executioner and chief torturer, who cant wait to hang around with you! Maybe you'll be in for a fright with our ghost hunter as you encounter the undead! come along join us If you dare!

As it will be dark and we are outside in the woodland, we ask that you bring a torch with you to see your pathway as some ground will be uneven. Please wear appropriate footwear for the woods.

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The nasty sorceress Evilea has decided that no one can have any fun this Halloween, no sweets, no toffee apples, no fun whatsoever! She's using her magic to turn all of the sweets into rotten eggs and mouldy carrot. The children must defeat Evilea by meeting different characters along the way and helping them out! Before finally coming face to face with the rotten old sorceress herself! Will the land of Halloween be saved or doomed to give out tricks without any treats forever!



Page to Panto proudly present; THE WIZARD OF OZ IN THE WOODS. An interactive family production for any big indoor or outdoor space. Journey round and meet Dorothy, Auntie Em, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, who need your help to save the land of Oz from that Wicked Witch of the West!

At each different station the children meet a new character and interact with them, they'll help Scarecrow find his brains, the Cowardly Lion find his courage, Tin Man find his heart as well as meeting Auntie Em who will help them along their way and of course Dorothy and those famous ruby slippers! But of course they'll need to help defeat the Wicked Witch of the West as well!

Don't forget to check out our testimonials page! See what the public thought of THE WIZARD OF OZ THE WOODS!

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Registered in England & Wales (13266227)

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